I ran away from school to England

The last three Septembers always started strangely but were always different. In  2015 I finished high school and I went to study in university. Not in my dream Masaryk University, but I went to Palacky university at Olomouc.  A year later I quickly moved to University of Ostrava (because I did not do exams in Palacky University). It was unpredictable, but it was necessary, because I did not want to work in a factory for 12 hours a day. We are in September 2017 and I am doing an EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Great Britain, where I have been living for one month and I will stay longer.


How did it begin?

At the end of my exams I was in an Erasmus+ training in Denmark, which I liked so much that I wanted to live and study in Denmark. I was telling to myself that it was now or never – it was time to improve my English.

I took the decision to do an EVS in the UK, but I didn’t pass my English exams because my level was too bad.   When I was in elementary and high school I always had good grades, but when I started university my grades started to get less and less good.

In June, I discovered the EVS programme, and I joined it to live in the UK for a year.

What am I doing here and where am I in England?

I am living in Essex in a small village, Bradwell on Sea right by the North Sea. I have to walk only 7 minutes to go to the beach. My everyday job is to help at the Othona Community, which is a ecological and Christian community. You can find more information about this community on this website: http://www.othona-bradwell.org.uk/Home.

According to my contract, I have to clean up, help in the kitchen, gardening, help to facilate the events we have at Othona, promoting the activities of the communities and help in the village shop.

I am hearing English everyday with a lot a different accents and I try to repeat everything  I hear.

I will tell you the truth: in the Czech Republic, we think that English are cold, that they don’t smile and don’t show their emotions. The first week, I was overwhelmed because I did not understand what was going on around me. I was scared and was beginning to question myself why I wanted to spend 10 months here. But, I discovered that English are in fact friendly and that they take the time to explain what they mean.

The other volunteers who are here helped me to adapt to my new environment.